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The most common and convenient form of wet wipes used anywhere, anytime, and therefore especially popular as an advertising medium are wet cleansing wipes for hands, face and other body parts in a package of 15 pieces. On vacation, at an event, in the trade centre or exhibition, in any store – you may need them any time. We offer to manufacture wet wipes for hands and face with your logotype.

On the territory of our plants on a contractual basis we manufacture products for more than 350 companies, among which are the clear market leaders in their segments. We offer solutions for any objectives of customers and the availability of our own facilities and logistics centres allows us to react instantly to changes in orders and provide the best conditions for cooperation.

Wet wipes with the logotypes in individual package

Wet sanitary wipes in individual package is one more highly demanded advertising medium. Notable logotype and usability of the souvenir will serve as a guarantee of the strengthening of the partnership with the client. Wet sanitary wipes are always kept within easy reach!

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