Values of the company

Commitment to quality of manufactured products

By improving manufacture technology, manufacturing new products, we are creating a wet wipe of high quality in Ukraine. Our partners are always confident of its safety and reliability. To manufacture goods, we use raw materials of European producers. This allows us to guarantee the exceptional quality of the products.

Impeccable service

Service is the foundation of our business. We do our best to ensure that it was nice and comfortable for our partners to work with us. We carefully consider objectives of our customers, helping them to make sensible choices. Throughout the project, we provide professional assistance and comprehensive support. We keep strict watch for the finished product to be delivered to the client exactly at the stipulated time.

About company



Manufacturing is equipped with high quality European product lines, which provide:

  • automatic preparation of the soaking solutions in exact accordance with the recipe;
  • ultraviolet treatment of nonwoven material;
  • automatic dosing of solution;
  • error-free packing of products;
  • 100% guarantee of hermetic sealing of seams on the wipes package;
  • water used in the manufacturing process undergoes three purification stages.

The advantage of the material used

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It is difficult to list all the areas of business that did not use the wet wipes branding with a logo for advertising purposes. Manufacture of this promotional gift may be necessary for any company. The range is very wide – from the restaurant business and companies engaged in cleaning, to legal agencies and security companies. There may be several formats of wet wipes packages.



Our clients